Know the Side Effects of the Keto Diet

The keto diet is believed to be able to lose weight in a short time and is good for diabetics. But behind the results that look promising, keto diet can bring side effects. The side effects of the keto diet range from indigestion to diabetic ketoacidosis in dangerous diabetics. The keto diet is a diet by limiting carbohydrate consumption and replacing it with protein and fat. This method utilizes the conditions of ketosis due to certain metabolic processes in the body. The body gets energy mainly from carbohydrates. But when carbohydrate intake decreases, the body will break down fat which is then processed into molecules called ketones, to be converted into energy. This condition is called ketosis, and can occur if carbohydrate intake is very low, as in the keto diet rules or if you don't eat for a long time. Side Effects of Keto Diet The keto diet has been shown to reduce seizures in epilepsy patients, reduce HbA1c levels in people with type 2 diabetes, help maintain mood
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